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CBE 30361 - Section 01: Science of Eng. Materials (CRN 10325)
Long Title: Science of Engineering Materials

Course Description:
This is an introductory course that examines the relationship between the structure, processing, and properties of engineering materials. Common engineering materials, including steel, concrete, ceramics, and polymers are discussed. Mechanical, chemical, electrical, and magnetic properties of various materials are examined. The process dependence of microstructural development and defects levels are described.

Associated Term: Fall Semester 2011
Campus: Main
Credits: 3
Grade Mode: Standard Letter
Course may not be repeated

Must be enrolled in one of the following Levels:
Employee Non-Degree (EM) ,  St. Mary's College (SM) ,  Undergraduate Non-Degree (UD) ,  Undergraduate (UG)
Must be enrolled in one of the following Campuses:
Main (M)

Cannot Have Taken:
CBE 34361 ,  CHEG 30361

Course Attributes:
AERT - AERO Tech Specializatio ,  EESE - EE Science Electives ,  EETE - EE Technical Electives ,  ZTST - Final exam

Registration Availability (Overflow: Off )
  Maximum Actual Remaining
TOTAL 140 134 6

Crosslist Information
Class Information Maximum Actual Remaining
CBE  30361 01, CRN 10325  (Primary) 140 134 6
CBE  50361 01, CRN 17162   2 1 1
Total 142 135 7